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The Tibbodnock Stories

Created and told by Jake Warner
For children 5-11

It’s the 1890s and three children, Emilita, Maddy and Benjamin (who everyone calls Bongo), share a series of innocent adventures as they vacation in the seaside town of Tibbodnock.

Part 1: Spooky Sounds in the Night

Emilita, Maddy and Bongo are awakened by a mysterious thumping sound coming from the attic. Thump. Thump. Thump. And it won’t go away!



Part 2: The Missing Duck

What’s that big hairy thing behind the barn door? When one of the ducks at the farmhouse goes missing, the three young detectives put their brains and courage to the test.



Part 3: The Treasure in the Cave

Emilita, Bongo and Maddy lose their way in a cave as they hunt for a pirate’s treasure. Then they hear the sound of an angry pirate in the darkness …