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Sheriff Daisy & Deputy Bud

Created and told by Jake Warner
For children 5-11

Travel back to 1874 as Dorothy, 11, and Homer, 8, shed their city slicker clothes, put on western duds and match wits with robbers and rustlers in the Old West town of Coyote Gulch.

Part 1: The Only Law in Coyote Gulch

When the adults are tricked into leaving town, the only thing standing between the bank and the bad guys is Sheriff Daisy, Deputy Bud and the Coyote Gulch kids.



Part 2: The Box Canyon Adventure

Daisy, Bud and the Coyote Gulch kids ride to the rescue (on their ponies, of course) when rustlers sneak into town and stampede the cows.



Part 3: Don’t Kill the Buffalo

Good thing Daisy and Bud never give in and never give up. Otherwise big game hunters would break the treaty and kill the buffalo.