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Sarabel to the Rescue

Created by Toni Ihara and told by Lani Minella For children 6-11

Sarabel, an oddball young hedgehog, saves the hedgerow from the dangers of a riddle-loving monster in the first of three action-packed adventures.

Part 1: The Horror at the Hedgerow

When suddenly a riddle-loving monster threatens to gobble up the hedgehogs, raccoons, and other creatures of the hedgerow, it’s up to goofy young Sarabel to find a riddle that will stump it.



Part 2: Sarabel and the Gypsies

Madame Zara, Sarabel’s fortuneteller mother, is kidnapped by Zero, a black-hearted gypsy hedgehog. Join us as Sarabel and Minibella, her tiny mushroom friend, attempt to free Zara.



Part 3: Rabbit Rescue

Greedy, sword-waving gnomes force a group of rabbits into slavery digging up the old Snow Queen’s diamonds and rubies. Can Sarabel, Minibella, and Madame Zara find a way to free them?