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Ralphie the Gopher

Created by Rich Stim & Steve Fishman and told by Rich Stim For children 7-12

Ralphie is a gopher with a difference. He loves reading books, eating pizza and hanging out with his friend, Amy. Life would be grand if only Ralphie didn’t have to battle snakes, hawks, and the evil Lady in Blue.

Part 1: Don’t Eat the Pizza

Amy has a reading problem and needs Ralphie’s help. But Ralphie’s a little too busy trying to stop the evil Lady in Blue from turning him to stone.


Part 2: Home is Where the Cat Is

Amy coaxes Ralphie out of his tunnel for some home-tutoring but she forgets to tell him about a few things … like a shrieking cat and a loud-mouthed brother.


Part 3: The Female Has Spoken

It’s love at first sight when a girl gopher shows up in Ralphie’s tunnel. But Ralphie soon learns that having a girlfriend means making some tough choices … not to mention dealing with a very scary snake.