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Rainbow of the Sioux

Created and told by Jake Warner
For children 5-11

A young girl, the lone survivor of a wagon train plagued by illness, finds herself alone in Indian Country. Can she survive, a stranger in a strange land?

Part 1: Alone in Indian Country

While admiring an amazing rainbow, a band of Sioux scouts stumbles on the young girl. She aims her rifle at the chief. Is he an enemy or a friend?



Part 2: Becoming Sioux

Sad and lonely, the young girl is made to follow the tribe. Treated as an outcast, she uses her strength and mind to overcome obstacles. Is she ready to live her life amongst this wandering tribe?



Part 3: The Buffalo Hunt

Back home, the girl knew many things about life on the farm, but if she is to survive with the Sioux, she must master new skills—to ride bareback and swim in river rapids—and the courage to face a wild buffalo.