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Recommended Story Sites

  • Storynory.com
    A robust kids’ story site including fairytales, children’s classics and lots of original stories, many of which include well-narrated audio versions. A long time winner.
  • Lightupyourbrain.com
    An uneven site including a couple of ads that nevertheless contains some wonderful original children’s audio stories. A little screening and patience will pay off here.
  • Eastoftheweb.com
    This rich site brings together classic children’s fiction with lots of new stories in all the main genres. This truly excellent site would be even better if it included audio versions of its stories.
  • Thestoryhome.com
    Loads of classic children’s stories mixed with a few original ones, all told by storyteller Alan Scofield. There is a lot to like here, but the site would benefit by including some more storytelling voices.