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Nikki the Invisible Girl

Created & told by Illona Bray For children 7-12

When her wish to be invisible comes true, Nikki, a slightly gawky middle schooler, turns crime-fighting super heroine (and gets even with the snobby kids).

Part 1: Nikki’s Birthday Wish

When Nikki first goes invisible, she has fun pulling little pranks on her family and schoolmates. But then it hits her — she has all the power she needs to be a crime-fighting super heroine.



Part 2: Nikki and the Missing Jewels

Neighborhood jewel thefts have the police stumped. Not only is Nikki the only one who can solve the mystery — but she must somehow find the wisdom to deal with the disturbing truth of what she discovers.



Part 3: Nikki and the Halloween Ghost

Halloween is Nikki’s favorite day of the year, until she’s the only one in her neighborhood not invited to a costume party. Still, that won’t stop her from showing up, with what you might call the best costume of all.