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The Monotonia Chronicles

Created by Ilona Bray & told by Cynthia Marcucci
For children 6-11

Will Princess Claria’s high spirits and pure heart help her find true love and transform the musty old palace in the Kingdom of Monotonia?

Part 1: Princess Claria’s Choice

Forced by her parents to find a husband, Princess Claria invents a contest that she thinks no man can win. To claim her hand, a suitor must show her the entire world in one hour.



Part 2: Betrayal at the Palace

An evil sister tries to steal Claria’s throne. Black magic, enchanted carriages, and the dreaded “reverse curse” are just a few of the tricks Claria and her true love Turrent must overcome.



Part 3: A Princess Disappears

Claria’s tiny daughter Zoe is stolen away, and hidden in a faraway kingdom. When the wicked king locks her in an island tower, it looks like Zoe is doomed.