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Librarians and Teachers

Until just a few years ago storytelling was an endangered art. Fortunately many insightful educators and librarians led what can best be described as a storytelling Renaissance.

By championing ethnic storytellers, helping promote storytelling festivals and most important, inviting storytellers into the school room and library, teachers and librarians have exposed a new generation of children to the fun and excitement of told tales.

But many challenges remain if we want to continue to breathe life into America’s rich storytelling tradition. The biggest challenge is to inspire children to step out of the audience to create and tell their own stories.

Here’s where Jake’s Tales plans to help. Please use the ten stories we offer for free download in your classroom or library. And don’t overlook our “Make up a Story” feature where we present the first few paragraphs of new stories and invite children to finish them. Because these stories put popular Jake’s Tales characters in exciting situations we have repeatedly been told that children who have never before made up a story are excited to finish them.

Over the next year, we plan to provide more suggestions, tips, and success stories that to help you help children succeed at storytelling. Please bookmark our site and check back in the months ahead as we develop new features and better yet email us your ideas. And for more ideas, don’t forget out our page with storytelling links.

Get a set of Story CDs

One set of free CDs of all Jake’s tales are available for use in schools and libraries. Email your request to jake@jakestales.org.