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Jecko & Wrecko

Created and told by Jake Warner
For children 5-11

Come with us to a warm and sunny land where Jecko, a young black gecko with green spots, has exciting-and sometimes scary- adventures.

Part 1: Jecko Looks for a Friend

On a lonely walk along the beach Jecko meets Wrecko, a green and yellow gecko just about his age. All is well until Wrecko disappears.



Part 2: Watch Out for the Scissorbills

Jecko and Wrecko meet up with a flock of Scissorbills, big nasty birds with yellow scissor shaped beaks who love nothing better than to gobble up young geckos.



Part 3:  Gecko’s Flying High

Jecko and Wrecko are having big fun swinging on the braided grass rope that hangs from the mouth of their gecko cave when a strong wind drops Wrecko into the angry sea.