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Fiona the Smart Ghost

Created by Jake Warner and told by Lani Minella For children 6-11

Twelve-year old Fiona, the world’s smartest ghost girl, finds a new home with Oliver, age 10, and his younger sister Pet, age 8, who must first convince their disbelieving parents that Fiona really does exist.

Part 1: Fiona the Ghost

When her house burns to the ground in a tragic fire, 12-year old Fiona Brown disappears. Join us a few months later when Oliver and Pet Walters meet a ghost girl who claims to be Fiona.



Part 2: Part of the Family

Oliver and Pet learn that bringing home the word’s smartest ghost girl is easy compared to introducing her to their disbelieving parents.



Part 3: The Spelling Bee

Can second grader Pet Walters beat smart fifth graders to win the All-Winksworth Spelling Bee? No way, you answer. But what if Fiona Brown, the world’s smartest ghost girl, is hiding in Pet’s backpack?