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Clem the Detective Dog

Created and told by Jake Warner
For children 5-11

Albert Muldoon, England’s stupidest detective, bumbles his way from case to case. Lucky for him that Clem, the clever black detective dog with the crooked tail, is there to catch the bad guys.

Part 1: The Mystery of Lost Dragon Castle

Albert gets a mysterious envelope containing clues for a treasure. Too bad the booty is hidden in Lost Dragon Castle, one of the oldest and scariest places in England.



Part 2: The Kidnapping of Aunt Matilda

England’s fastest racehorse is kidnapped just a few days before the big race and Albert is hired to find her. Clem sniffs out the bad guys, puts one over on Albert, and saves a horse from the glue factory.



Part 3: The Royal Dog Show Mystery

Somebody is rigging England’s fanciest dog shows. Clem goes undercover with the help of Princess, a border collie.