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Audio Stories for Kids

Jake’s Tales features free original audio children’s stories kids will listen to again and again – at bedtime, in the car or whenever they have free time. Check out our great list of online kids stories below:

The Times That Try Men’s Souls: A Girl’s Adventure in the American Revolution

At Christmas 1776, 12 year old Becca Griffen is asked to join the struggle for American Independence.

Fairy Mountain

The fairies must face three big problems: The Almost Invisible Goat, The Blue Witch with the Red Hat and The Dragon who Eats Fairies.

Jecko and Wrecko

Come with us to a warm and sunny land where Jecko, a young black gecko with green spots, has exciting-and sometimes scary- adventures.

Clem the Detective Dog

Albert Muldoon, England’s stupidest detective, bumbles his way from case to case. Lucky for him that Clem, the clever black detective dog with the crooked tail, is there to catch the bad guys.

 Sheriff Daisy & Deputy Bud

Travel back to 1874 as Dorothy, 11, and Homer, 8, shed their city slicker clothes, put on western duds and match wits with robbers and rustlers in the Old West town of Coyote Gulch.

Rainbow of the Sioux

A young girl, the lone survivor of a wagon train plagued by illness, finds herself alone in Indian Country. Can she survive, a stranger in a strange land?

The Tibbodnock Stories

It’s the 1890s and three children, Emilita, Maddy and Benjamin (who everyone calls Bongo), share a series of innocent adventures as they vacation in the seaside town of Tibbodnock.

 Fiona the Smart Ghost

Twelve-year old Fiona, the world’s smartest ghost girl, finds a new home with Oliver, age 10, and his younger sister Pet, age 8, who must first convince their disbelieving parents that Fiona really does exist.

Sarabel to the Rescue

Sarabel, an oddball young hedgehog, saves the hedgerow from the dangers of a riddle-loving monster in the first of three action-packed adventures.

Ivan the Not So Terrible

Using a magical vest invented by his grand-father George, 10-year old Ivan travels back in time to stop a disaster from happening in the future.

Ralphie the Gopher

Ralphie is a gopher with a difference. He loves reading books, eating pizza and hanging out with his friend, Amy. Life would be grand if only Ralphie didn’t have to battle snakes, hawks, and the evil Lady in Blue.

The Monotonia Chronicles

Will Princess Claria’s high spirits and pure heart help her find true love and transform the musty old palace in the Kingdom of Monotonia?

Nikki the Invisible Girl

When her wish to be invisible comes true, Nikki, a slightly gawky middle schooler, turns crime-fighting super heroine (and gets even with the snobby kids).