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Why tell a story? Jake of the famous JakesTales.org says, “Telling a story to kids, grandkids, or other little friends is the most powerful way to create intimacy with them.”

Vibha Sharma - The Tribune (Chandigarh, India)

One of the features we appreciate a lot is the emphasis on family storytelling. Their website has tips for parents who are interested in creating their own stories. Each CD also has a secret code, which gives kids the start of a fourth story that they are encouraged to finish with their own imagination. We urge you to go listen to the stories that are available on their website!

Cynthia Kirkeby

Albert Muldoon may be the dumbest detective in London, but luckily he has his American helper, Renfro, and his intrepid crime-solving dog, Clem, to keep his cases on track. Each adventure is fun, lightly humorous, and family-friendly fare. Bumbling Albert serves as a nice contrast to his clever canine companion. The writing is particularly good — the use of strong verbs and plentiful adjectives makes the production a useful classroom listening exercise. Jake Warner performs his tales with gusto, making this a delightful audio experience for both children and adults.

Teresa Bateman - Brigadoon Elementary School, Federal Way, WA

In Jake Warner’s latest collection of three short stories, listeners meet sisters Emilita and Maddy and their new neighbor during a summer vacation in New England in 1898. Warner narrates the tales, employing just enough vocal variation to distinguish between the characters. The Web site also features tips for children and parents on how to begin their own family storytelling traditions. Warner is a terrific storyteller, and this is a great listen.

Amy Joslyn - Fairport Public Library, NY

Jake Warner tells his original story in an expressive, lively manner, creating different voices for the characters and incorporating sound effects. Librarians and teachers can use his tales to promote the art and fun of storytelling to a younger generation.

Beverly Bixler - San Antonio Public Library, TX